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The certificate is a PDF document so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.


This certificate is redeemable for a reservation form, entitling you to receive a complimentary companion airfare ticket at no cost when you purchase one adult roundtrip airfare ticket. This offer is valid for Domestic and International destinations.

All passengers are subject to the rules and regulations of the issuing airline, including but not limited to refunds, exchanges, cancellations or changes of itinerary. Both travelers must travel on the same itinerary. Advance purchase of 30 days is required. Roundtrip travel must be completed within 30 days. The companion ticket is for base fare only. The name of the passengers cannot be changed. This offer is based on published rates and may not be combined with any other airline program. Internet specials are not valid. A $9.95 ticketing fee applies to all tickets issued and all reservations are electronically ticketed. Flight selection is based on availability of specific classes of service at the time of reservation. Flights may be difficult or impossible to obtain during major holiday periods. The fulfilling travel agency has the sole discretion of air carrier selected. Not all airlines are eligible, however, the fulfilling travel agency can often accommodate your preferences. Travel between eligible cities may be either non-stop, direct, or on flights that include a change of plane. Open jaw, one-way, circle trips and open return ticketing are not allowed.

The cost to redeem this certificate to receive a reservation form is a one-time redemption fee of $25 for processing, postage and handling. To redeem this certificate, the customer goes to the Certificate Redemption Website. At that website the customer will enter in the Certificate ID# located at the bottom of the certificate to validate their certificate and to securely submit the redemption fee. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal are accepted. The customer will receive the reservation form by mail within 1-3 weeks after redeeming the certificate. Simple redemption instructions are clearly printed on the certificate.


The certificate is the size of a standard 8 1/2 by 11 paper when printed. You can choose from 4 different borders for the design of your certificate as shown below, or you can choose not to have a border.


  • Unlimited Printing of ALL Certificates: This program gives you access to print out an unlimited amount of this certificate and ALL of our other certificates. You will receive an online account where you will have unlimited printing and distribution rights to over 40 different certificates. There is no limit on how many certificates you print.

  • Unlimited E-Certificates: You can email an unlimited amount of e-certificates to your customers with just a click of your mouse.

  • Unlimited Website Certificates: You can automate your promotion by adding a certificate web banner directly on your website for you to give your customers a certificate right from your website.

  • Personalization of Certificates: You can personalize the certificates to include your business name and/or website address in the "Compliments of" area. Your information will show on both the printed and online certificates. You can change this information as many times as you want, so if you have more than one company, you can print separate certificates with each business name on them.

  • Design of Certificates: You can choose from 4 different borders as shown above for the design of your certificates. You will also have the option of choosing not to have a border if you want to print the certificates on a special type of paper that already has a border.

  • Your Logo on the Certificates: You can include your logo on the certificates. If you include your logo, it will replace the default logo of the gold seal on the certificate.

  • Artwork for the back of the Certificates: We also provide several pictures that you can print on the back of the certificates.

  • Separate Certificate Redemption Site: The certificates are redeemed online at the Certificate Redemption Website. This separate "redemption only" site does not share our program details or solicit the certificates to your customers in any way. The certificates provide detailed instructions for the certificate holder to know how to redeem it at the redemption website.

  • Certificate Redemption Commissions: When your customers redeem their certificate, you will be paid a commission of up to $5 per certificate redeemed depending on the amount redeemed each month. Each certificate you print, email, or distribute from your website will have a unique ID # on it. These unique ID #'s are automatically captured into our database so when a certificate is redeemed, the ID # tells our system who was responsible for distributing the certificate. When a certificate is redeemed that has your ID # on it, you will be paid a commission of up to $5 per certificate redeemed depending on the number of certificates redeemed each month. In your account area you can view the number of certificates redeemed and the amount of commissions you've earned.

  • Ability to Resell the Certificates: You can resell the certificates to other businesses, giving you the opportunity to earn enormous profits. Click here to learn more about reselling the certificates.

  • Certificate Sales Website: We provide you with a website that you can use to sell the certificates. Click here to view the sales website. This website is a tool we provide for you to use at no extra charge if you choose to sell the certificates. The website is set up to sell the certificates for $9.95 each, and all sales will be made to your PayPal account. If you don't have a paypal account you can get one at no charge at PayPal.com. You will be able to have your contact information on the website. You will also have an administrative control panel to view your orders. You will set up your website in your account area.

  • Marketing Materials: We provide you with marketing materials to assist you with the promoting and selling of the certificates. You will receive these marketing materials in your account area.

    Payment accepted by all major Credit Cards and PayPal.

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